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Positive Action: Website

Positive Action is a website that focuses on intuitive philosophy of feeling good about ourselves when we do good, our thoughts lead to actions and our actions leads to how we feel about ourselves and so on. When the cycle is opposite, and we feel negative about ourself, we do not want to learn. Positive Action is about equipping educators with the materials to keep learning positive, in order to maintain a healthy and positive learning cycle.

Positive Action focuses on seven overall units for educators to focus on with their students:

  1. Self concept
  2. Positive actions for body and mind
  3. Managing yourself responsibly
  4. Treating others the way you want to be treated
  5. Telling yourself the truth
  6. Improving yourself continually
  7. Reviewing

These seven units are utilized for grades K-12, which demonstrates how SEL in the classroom is necessary no matter the students age. The website has so many resources for educators at the classroom level, as well as for school and district level. Positive Actions focuses on evidence based practices to better the students learning experiences. The organization creates curriculum, grants, research and so much more to enhance SEL in the education system. These are all related to creating an SEL positive learning environment. When students have specific traumas they can feel a great deal of negative self doubt and/or worth. Using some of Positive Actions approaches, educators can assist students in seeing the positive and wanting to have positive educational outcomes.

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